For fashionable clothes like new!

Perwoll loves fashion just like you! That's why we provide you with perfect care
for your fashionable pieces

Think of your favourite woollen jumper, your shiny silk blouse or your bright,
dark or white it-piece – surely you want them to look like new for as long as possible!
That’s why you need a special care product, to help you with that. And with Perwoll,
the special fashion detergent, you can be sure to get it.

It keeps the shape and fluffiness of your jumper, the softness and shine of your blouse
and the colour intensity of your bright, dark and white pieces. And thanks to its innovative
ReNew+ smart care
formula it prevents colors from fading and removes the grey
appearing fibrils. This way clothes regain their brilliance and keep their color intensity
like new for longer.
Find out more about Perwoll’s products here and benefit from the best treat for
your fashionable clothes.